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    Implement a Marketing Plan that by 2015 will include:

    • University and College Administrators
    • Mass Market & Pre-College Students
    • Current College Students

    Deliver the Fraternity's leadership program to internal and external audiences by 2015 

    • Current members [refer to IMPROVE goals]
    • To at least 50% of our alumni associations
    • To current college students on at least 10% of host campuses
    • To pre-college students in at least 75% of sections


    The Fraternity will have at least 500 active chapters by 2015, including: 

    • at least 24,000 active members
    • at least 48 members per chapter on average
    • at least 15 minimum members per chapter

    The Fraternity's membership retention rate will be at least 75% annually by 2015.

    The Fraternity will have an active chapter on every "top 25" campus as identified in the U.S. News & World Report or other similar publication or ranking by 2015.

    Establish Alpha Phi Omega of Canada by 2015 to include:

    • Chartering 5 chapters on Canadian campuses


Reduce and maintain the number of at-risk chapters (as defined by the Membership and Extension Standards) to be no more than 5% of the active chapters by 2015

Ensure that by 2015 at least 95% of chapters conduct high quality programs addressing the campus and community needs per the standards and practices identified by the Chapters of Excellence guidelines.


Through a comprehensive five-year plan, ensure financial security and support for the current and future programming of Alpha Phi Omega. Develop a plan by August 31, 2005, that includes:

  • Growing the Endowment to at least $10 million by 2015
  • Growing contributions to the Annual Fund to at least $400,000 by 2015

Through a comprehensive five-year plan, develop programs to increase alumni volunteer activity and involvement. Develop a plan by July 7, 2005, that includes: 

  • Measurable ways to change the APO culture from campus-based to lifelong involvement
  • Strategies for actively engaging at least 300 alumni who are community or civic leaders
  • Increasing the number of alumni volunteers by at least 100% by 2015
  • Ensuring that at least 75% of all APO alumni have annual communications from the National Fraternity by 2015